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Started electric sign company

In 1971, in the city of Modesto, a small electric sign company was created. A team of enthusiasts took up the repair of neon signs and built new neon and electric sign designs.  Basically, the work was handled by three individuals for the first year – Jim, John and Randy.


Involved in pole sign engineering

In 1991, Sign Designs, Inc. became involved in engineering. Experience has allowed to begin to explore the direction of pole sign engineering. Now our company has become famous for it’s secure structures integrated with beautiful design.


Production of wayfinding signage

In 2001, our company was one of the first to bring on routing equipment specifically for dimensional sign products and wayfinding sign. This has grown to become one of our most in-demand services today, thanks to the professional skill range has been expanded and improved product quality.


Digital Print Producers

In 2006, we start to develop the full range of digital print products. These are a perfect complement to our new sign technologies for interior ADA signs and more. With this capability, we expand to become a producer of quality vehicle graphics and customized brand designer.


Freight and Logistics

In 2009 the company expanded significantly. There are areas of logistics and financial services. This year was very important for us. We have opened a new trend – the logistics and financial services. Suffice specific area. But thanks to new managers and professionals, we quickly came to the proper level of functioning.


Sign Designs, Inc. - market leader

Today, the new investments in certifications and launch of a new website cement our standing as professionals of the highest level. The quality of our services and products have made us a leading company in the electrical sign manufacturing areas, and welded structural steel constructions.

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