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Service Stations - unique requirements

Our range of products for service stations is impressive. And we do not stand still!

We engineer pylon and monument signs, lighting, canopies that shelter the gas pumps, poster frames that contain advertising, and more. Sign Designs, Inc. also reduces energy costs by converting client signage to LED lighting. From pump toppers to monument signs featuring the latest Electronic Message Center software, our years of experience in this industry shine through.

As awning experts, we are uniquely qualified to address canopy fascia needs. Our long legacy in the service station sector is evident in the successful, long-term relationships we enjoy with some of the largest franchises in North America.

Fueling stations, with or without convenience stores, need upgraded electronic reader boards (EMC) signs, and this requires specialized knowledge of the unique design of each station. Gas stations have unique sign needs because of the layout of structures on the property, which we understand well.

The gas station canopy over the pumps provides sign opportunities, as well as the convenience store and outbuildings such as the car wash. A jurisdiction’s typical regulations allowing one wall sign or one canopy sign and a window sign for each use are poorly equipped to address this type of development. Our program offers the best opportunity for commercial properties with multiple buildings to enjoy a unified sign plan unique to their layout.


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Production complies with the international standards of quality for rolled metal products . In stock we maintain structural steel components, flanges, channel, beam, bar and other items for sign maintenance.

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